13 Amazing IKEA Hacks to DIY -

13 Amazing IKEA Hacks to DIY

Turn a boring shelf into a sleek industrial piece with this IKEA hack

Ikea furniture can’t be painted like other pieces, so learn how to properly paint and hack IKEA pieces

Make an amazing island or craft table with this quick IKEA hack

How about an industrial bookshelf? Make it by IKEA hacking the Ekby brackets

IKEA hacks aren’t just for humans, because they can be appreciated by animals too. Check out this two-level rabbit hutch.

A few tweaks and you can make the IKEA Kallax into a bar.

Would you believe this island started out as two IKEA bookcases?

Who knew the IKEA kitchen cabinets could become such a cool platform bed with storage?

Wow, this is a great way to make an ottoman-coffee table with an IKEA hack

Never lose a LEGO again with this IKEA hack featuring a LEGO table!

Or how about a DIY light table?

Have a spot for your laptop on the couch or loveseat by making this IKEA hack laptop table out of a favorite piece, the FROSTA

Get a chic Fixer Upper style farmhouse coffee table with an IKEA hack