15 Funny Animals Who Just Want to Eat Your Food

You said not to touch it.. I’m not touching it!

Your pancakes are purrfectly safe with me.

I will have this.. all of this.

I dare you to take a piece. Just one piece.

I’m done being polite, give me that cupcake!

My saddest eyes shall win this pizza.

Doing my best to keep my calm, but OMG PIZZAS.

I’m gonna take me a piece of this pizza right now, bye.

It doesn’t really look like food…you try it!

Hey, these food is for the cats!

Is this a trick? It has to be a trick.


All I got was one cookie. 

What you doing? Just hanging around..you know.

Somehow I don’t think you’re going to put that in my bowl, but I could be wrong..


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