207 Mph Bicycle – Because Why Not

You know technology is getting futuristic when a bike can beat a Ferrari in a drag race. Just to clarify when I say bike, I’m not talking about a motor bike but an actual bicycle – if only I could pedal that fast! The bicycle reached a max speed of 207 miles per hour or 333 kilometers per hour for you Canadian folk completely obliterating the Ferrari and leaving it in the dust. Just to put things into perspective, the average commercial plane flies around 550-600 mph when cruising. This means that this bicycle travels at about 1/3 the speed of a plane! For those of you who consistently press the snooze in the morning, which let’s be honest is a lot of us, can now do so and still be on time for work. Another cool feature of the bike is that you no longer have to dry your hair after the shower! Simply hop on the bike and it will be dried by the time you leave your driveway! Warning: you might have crazy scientist hair after but with all the time you have saved you can quickly fix it. Someone better call Tesla and let him know that his cars no longer have the fastest acceleration because a little bike is powning all the competition. If the creator of this bike could now focus on the aesthetics then this could possibly become a new mode of transportation. There could even be different classes of bikes with luxury and economy classes to accommodate everyone! Maybe I am just getting ahead of myself though. Regardless, the public could get off our backs about polluting because we would all be riding bikes; which is good for the environment right? What is next? Floating skateboards? Someone call Doc from back to the future I’m sure he has blueprints somewhere!

207 Mph Bicycle – Video

[youtube id=”WREyAicJXkM” width=”100%” height=”340″ position=””]

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