26 Funny and Snarky Quotes -


26 Funny and Snarky Quotes

A pretty good combination, you have to say. I’m pretty resourceful and I think of all of my options. Alcohol is one of them.

I’m going to be fine but….

There’s no crying with MAC mascara!

I’ll take $50 too.
Please don’t test my threats.
And loving it! 

My first album could be called “Always.”All the things are due..time to do them all NOW.

I could’ve told them that. Tragic but real.

Was that the answer they were looking for? I don’t think so.

Seriously, who asked for you to arrive, Monday?

Do you know the answer yet?

Me: I’m old. So…old.

Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in.

It’s the only way to get through all of this.

Going to be its QUEEN. Brushing it and wearing it down, yep, I made the effort. Lip gloss? I’m going all out.

Put the word “free” with the 1st, and I’m so very happy.

Best trip ever.

I don’t want to see people. That’s why I’m at home.

They need a show on HGTV. 

Little devils, I know something was up.

I call it the “I don’t care” plan.

You can bet I’m going to blush at that price.


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