27 Snarky Hilarious Quotes -

27 Snarky Hilarious Quotes

I dare you.

Got a lot of plans…

Do you?

Solid night. And now they know.

Tune in for the return.

I’m magical.

I wouldn’t be in that line except for the times I need cat food, but still.

Show them who’s boss and take them down!

Something got lost in translation.

A cat.

50 states of worry.

Well then.Mmm.  Adoration.

This can’t be.

Sounds very plausible, yes.

Level up!

If it goes on for a 1 minute, he’s in trouble.
Those things are good.

Tiring too. I’ll be using password hints for months.


What is that screeching?

Can I yet?

But for that one shiny moment…