28 Funny Memes for Any Shopping Fan -

28 Funny Memes for Any Shopping Fan

Yep. Also “dessert comes free.”

Simple request. 

I could’ve bought that. I loved it. 

Also me: It’s time to wear the same 6 shirts.

And now it is here. I’m making it so.

And the best kind.

I should have it memorized by now.
But when the tracking information isn’t updated…ugh.

Especially if it was on sale. And Sunday! Just keep it simple.Mine!


There’s so many things!

The Target challenge. Dang.

Why so much though?

Dollar, dollar, dollar.

You take that time when you can.

I must’ve tracked you a thousand times..

“I won’t.”
I’ll never forget you.

Plus shopping outside has people.

The prayer.

Is it hear yet?

It isn’t.

No money? Problem.