28 Plain Hilarious Quotes -

28 Plain Hilarious Quotes

They’re tough, right?

That sweet feeling.

So there you go.

And let’s be honest, not the gym.

How time flies.

Gotta get used to it, I guess.

What was it?

It just jumped into my cart.

We all have our ways.

Fair trade?

Uh..that dread.

Here’s to another year of you. And if you’re lucky, that’s all that happens.

Pretty bad pour!

Yep, yep.

I’ve already started saying things like “Get off my lawn.”

A few too many snacks..

I know you do.

How’s that, Monday?

Most of the time, it says I’m going to die.

We all do our things.

We pay you in kibble for this?

Gotta call in the big guns. So wrong.

Especially when they’re on sale.

It’s a routine.


It’s so freaking cold.