31 Funny Laugh-out-Loud Minions -

31 Funny Laugh-out-Loud Minions

It’s a good system.

Or 20, or 30, or 40…

Damn those dreams!

That makes all the difference.

Rest in fibers.

Hmm, I think you may have cracked the code.

That’s not bad, right?

Simply put.

Clever little rhyme there.

Any day now!

“Why did you say it like that?!”

Admit it.

So boring.

AHHH!!! Make it stop.

Your caution is advised.

Everyone would know what I’m thinking, eep! It’s not fair.

Raising hell until a quarter after 8.

And shouldn’t they? It won’t be any fun!

You’re not even 16 yet.

Best days ever!

Oh yeah. No need to get all dressed up. 

You were really mistaken there.There’s got to be some explanation.A good pet is all you need.

That may be a warning.

Sounds like a good plan!

Brrrr. And ew.

Also when you read the word “yawn,” you’ll yawn here!

That tastes way better, doesn’t it?