32 Hilarious Quotes You'll Love and Share -

32 Hilarious Quotes You’ll Love and Share


Easy as 1, 2, 3, sip!

Cauliflower is here.

Why does it take forever?

Sounds so fun!

Like, how do these become food?

There had to be at least one person recording the action.

What is their secret?

Oh I always lose.

I need so much now.

Maybe just multiple it times a few numbers.

Which one?!

Well since I’m already in the middle of this…

Your efforts can’t be wasted.

We need it.

Sparkle and shine, baby.

As rude or tacky as it may be.

That’s its job.

There’s a difference.

Hold on, a new front is blowing in.

Life hack.

Well, it does something.

My temples.

Please, do you know?

We had so many plans.



Just settle in.

It was quite a workout! Then we could choose accordingly.

It’s all for you!

They’re all good dogs.