33 So Funny Minion Quotes and Pictures -

33 So Funny Minion Quotes and Pictures

Hey, you got to sleep though.

No one invited you!

Everything is awesome! How does that work?

Sometimes you can feel this way, but even those experiences may have give you something.

Fair point.


Ariel, are you jealous?

And a Tuesday and a Wednesday..

Make the choice.


This is the worst feeling ever.  I need to be resourceful.


Why do I even have it?

Be warned.

Yep it’s strong.

I say this 8 times a day.


Sometimes you got to.

Trust and faith are hard to do, but we do them.

Get that Disney technology.

But wouldn’t you need to know the exact moment you were going to die?

These are all of our wishes.

And then they point it out!

Yay you!

That’s enough.

A sparkling personality.

Nothing at all.

They do such a good job too.

Best feeling ever. Can it last?Yeah but that’s hard.