34 Snappy Snarky and Silly Quotes -

34 Snappy Snarky and Silly Quotes

It does!
Beef jerky!Take care of the rest though.Beware.Yes1Should I?They said to don’t stop!Dang it Fitbit!See? Fitness.Lego comes with better instructions.
Work too.
It’s just real casual.Get rid of that!Hm.Math puns!Cheers.
Lies.Why ask!?Dream big kids!This should be their slogan.
So many issues.My way is better.Voodoo!Yep.He should’ve checked!Let me do it!Say your prayers.
See?Bad food? Bad mood.Why haven’t them come?

Oh, I see what you did there.
What did you eat!?

Thanks selfies!Clever.The last selfie..and…gone.