35 Even More Inspiring and Amazing Quotes -

35 Even More Inspiring and Amazing Quotes

Love what you do.

Start writing. Sometime you have to wait for the right moment.
Get what you can out of it.

Take charge now. Don’t worry if you’re not making a lot of noise, you have your own strength. They’re tricky that way. That’s the beauty of life.

They won’t help you. Live it, you earned it.

Be the best you can be. 

Practice gratitude.
Sometimes we forget what we have. What did you learn?Start anew.
You have to protect yourself. Remember! Though it might not seem so. Look for the stars until then.

It can change you.

Take amazing epic chances with it all.

You can only control yourself.

It will be so lovely no one won’t notice.Happiness is inner and yours. Let’s remember what the earth gives us.

Dream. Few do.Just live and try and live.

See that dream. Achieve it. Believe it.

Surround yourself with those who matter.

What does that tell you? They can teach you so much too.

Take heed — even the sun has to not shine once in a while. Try to find and be that person again.
Art is more than just creation, it’s a force.