35 Very Funny Animal Pictures -

35 Very Funny Animal Pictures

Sounds legit.




Cats will sleep anywhere.




I said anywhere.


Like father, like son.


What cutie!


“Mom, I am cuter than these dishes, am I right?”


“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”


“You said WHAT?”


Stop, put your hands up!



“I mean to do this, clearly.”


He’s a big football fan.



“What kind of chair is this?!?”



This horse knows historical reenactments are goofy.



Seal photobomb for the win!



Subtle, dog.





Flowers are terrifying.



Or a lama.



Me too, bud.




Sloth-Black Cat love!



Like a boss!



Skeptical dog is skeptical!


Gandalf the Grey?


This parrot is acing his New Year’s resolution.


“It was panda-monium!”


Drama fish on the move.




Crushing it.


You go wolf!


“First let me take a selfie!”


G-O-A-T meets quokka.

(That is Roger Federer)