36 Hilarious Leg Day Memes for When You're Sore and Feel Like Dying -

36 Hilarious Leg Day Memes for When You’re Sore and Feel Like DyingThe war. The difference.Good friend.The worst one.Nooo.
Not possible! Can I skip?So sore.Burning pain.
Ohhh yeah.
Doomed!So sore.Nooo!Boy do they.Whyyy?They see me rolling…Wobble wobble.Yep.All of them!Am I broken?
You lift my leg.Broken.Dying.Triumph….and defeat.
Please.It was!Don’t.Gotta go sometime.They scream.I feel it.Mean.So push me.Clever.
I can’t go!Goodbye keys.Oh why do I have stairs?