40 Of The Funniest Pictures You Will See All Day

40 Of The Funniest Pictures You Will See All Day. More funny pictures here.


So we’re THE High School Musical!

His life is worth that purse.

And they do!

Starlord’s hidden talent.


My bar is so low.

You’re off by about 7 years!

Two kinds of people.

But do you even lift, bro?

You can say they’re a wii bit competitive.


You’ll be teaching them a lesson.

Don’t do drugs, kids.



But why the hoodie? Wouldn’t you be creeped out?

Get your head in the game, Troy! Don’t stick to the status quo.



Get it, man!

Well then, maybe we weren’t so crazy after all.

Maybe the moms should run the gang.

Fixed it.

My motto.

Dogs are the best creatures.

Nailed it.

Get that man back as your roommate.

Would you live?

Mom, help me run water for my sick burn!

Obama’s powers reach many lands.

Full. control.


That’s not magic, that’s bad plumbing.

Vegetable puns are the best puns, they make you leek water from your eyes.

Favorite headline of all time.

Got it.

Sid, you just gotta stay out of trouble.

It’s like the most Macguyver thing ever.

…This is disturbing.

That’s enough internet today.

It would be easier to prepare for!



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