43 Amazing Inspirational Quotes for the New Year -

43 Amazing Inspirational Quotes for the New Year

Sometimes the journey will surprise you.

Though it might not seem like it just right now.

Take risks this new year.

And shine.

You should sparkle, damn it. Start believing in yourself.

You just wait and see.

What choice will you make? Make this year a win.
Let’s bring this.

Even if you feel you shouldn’t.

Take charge.

It seems simple but we forget.

What goals will you set?

This year, resolve to do that. This is the year I will win.
Imagine that pride.

So set yourself up for greatness!

Jump in.

Will you?
Take this chance!

But if you don’t, just turn a new page.

It’s still a step. It might be scary but so are other things you achieved.

Dream. Make it a good year.

What is your energy going towards?

It just have to be enjoyable.

Choose good words.

Just never stop!

And try again every day.

Take it and make it what you want.

Fall again, what are you doing?

Devour them. They won’t stop you.

You gotta work for it.

It won’t stop, and you can’t either.

How lovely that we get this chance.

Know what you’re capable of — go past it.

Just keep going.

Will you change with it?

It takes time for things to grow.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just write it.

How wonderful and amazing!

Win big.