7 Dollar Store DIYs for the Home You'll Love -

7 Dollar Store DIYs for the Home You’ll Love

Find out how you can make these DIY Bandana pillows with materials from the dollar store with the instructions here.

Need a way to organize your stuff? Make these storage burlap baskets corral everything in one place with the instructions here.


Who wants a boring nightlight? Get the instructions to make this amazing galaxy nightlight with a few things from the dollar store.


Add a little fun to your next summer party with these DIY custom flip flop coasters made with one trip to the dollar store. Find out here.

You could spend a fortune on coffee cups with funky designs, or you use some cheap supplies and make your own beautiful ones just like this with these directions.

These plates looks like something from Urban Outfitters, but nope, they’re dollar store decors. Hack a cheap plate into something great with easy instructions

Get a garden you don’t have to water with a DIY succulent garden wall hanging. You’ll find all of the instructions and materials listed here.

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