9 DIY Projects for Cat Owners to Make -

9 DIY Projects for Cat Owners to Make

Your cat will love this homemade cat scratcher that you can make and save on expensive cat tree.


A bit of cardboard and an old t-shirt, and you’ve got a clever DIY cat tent.


Engage your kitty’s curiosity with a DIY kitty play station

Your cat will love climbing this cactus cat tree


Let your cat hang in style with a DIY hanging perch for your window


Cats love to munch greens, and doing so helps their indigestion. Make it easier with an indoor cat garden

No need to buy an expensive cat bed — just make a cat bed with an old sweater

An old suitcase can be a great DIY cat bed as well and looks very stylish

Homemade cat toys are easy with a baby sock, some feathers and catnip

Cats need to be kept busy or they’ll get destructive so why not make some DIY cat puzzles?








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