Anti-Hunting Protester Accidentally Gets Shot In The Face

Anytime someone gets shot it kinda sucks, but with that being said, this woman shouldn’t have been where she was and doing what she was doing. Meet Julia Symons. Julia Symons is an active anti-hunting protester and activist down in Australia. In March of 2011 Julia and about one hundred and fifty of her anti-hunting protester buddies decided to try and interrupt some duck hunters by wading out into the water and trying to “save” the ducks on opening day of duck season in Western Australia. While Julia was out being a douchebag, a 14 year old duck hunter took a shot at a low flying duck and accidentally hit Julia in the face. The police took the young hunter and his uncle down to the station for questioning and later released them both calling the incident accidental. No charges have been filed.

Anti-Hunting Protester Accidentally Gets Shot In The Face video pictures 1

Anti-Hunting Protester Accidentally Shot In The Face – Video

“A female anti-hunting protester has been shot in the face on the opening day of the 2011 duck shooting season in Western Victoria(Australia)-By a 14 year old hunter.
The future of duck hunting is now the subject of a even more bitter debate. Witnesses claim they saw the 14-year-old boy taunting the victim, St Kilda woman Julia Symons, minutes before she was peppered with shotgun pellets at Lake Buloke in the state’s northwest. But police described the shooting as an accident after taking the teenage hunter and his uncle to nearby Donald police station for questioning”



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