Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sandwich = Amazing.


How to make a great bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich.

You amazing little bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich, where have you been all my life? This actually looks easy enough to make. All you need is some bacon, bread, and cheese. Too easy. Thank you Buzzfeed Food for introducing me to this amazing bacon creation.

  • Lay 5 strips of bacon in a row and place a cheese sandwich (bread, cheese, bread) in the middle of the bacon strips.
  • Wrap the bacon strips around the sandwich, all in the same direction.
  • Lay 5 more strips of bacon in a row and fold over the sandwich, perpendicular to the last 5 strips.
  • Sear both sides in a hot pan until bacon is cooked, around 5–7 minutes per side. Slice open and enjoy!


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