When You Blow Up A RV With 400lbs Of Tannerite

The only question I have is why WOULDN’T you blow up a RV with 400lbs of Tannerite?

So the guys over at Stealth Engineering Group/SEG Suppressors decided they wanted to up the game a little and have the largest tannerite explosion on YouTube, so they did this. They took 400lbs of this amazing stuff, crammed it into a RV, then shot it – making for one great, great explosion. Enjoy. After this check out what happens when this Georgia man decided to play with tannerite.

This is what 400LBS of reactive exploding target mix looks like when shot with a .223/5.56 AR-15. We put 400LBS of “tannerite” inside a RV and blew it to pieces. We thought putting it inside a RV would be a much greater show of how massive the blast really is instead of just exploding it by itself. The results were of Hollywood proportion. This is a NEW Youtube Record for largest tannerite explosion!!

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