Air Powered Arrow Gun - How To Build One For Yourself

How To Build Your Own Air Powered Arrow Gun

This guy didn’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on some arrow gun, so he built his own for a fraction of the cost (about $150). In these videos he is going to show you how to build your own air powered arrow gun and him using the arrow gun he made. This project looks fairly simple and can probably be completed in one weekend. I would love to go blast a ton of arrows

with one of these. Check out how to make a pvc 45lb slingbow.

How To Build Your Own Air Powered Arrow Gun – Video

Here it is the how to portion of the diy air powered arrow gun. I kept it real simple so that it can be customized any way that you guys want.

In this video, I demonstrate my own version of an air powered arrow gun, it works great and a how-to is coming soon.

My second air powered arrow gun made from a Daisy pump bb gun, works great and the how-to is coming soon, the great thing about this version is that it is a super easy build.



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