Looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift? Well your father will probably love this Ceramic Stoneware Cannonball Beer Growler.

If you like beer and cannon balls this is definitely the growler for you. The Ceramic Stoneware Cannonball Beer Growler holds up to half a gallon of beer. Believe it or not but the sphere actually gives the least possible surface area to volume ratio – which means this cannonball is the smallest container you can possibly hold half a gallon of beer in. I’m not going to get into THAT much detail here, you can check it out on Amazon for all the technical stuff. It’s a cannon ball beer growler – enough said. If you’re a beer guy you probably want to have a look at the Man-Can Personal Beer Keg as well.


Ceramic Stoneware Cannonball Beer Growler 503

Ceramic Stoneware Cannonball Beer Growler 501

Ceramic Stoneware Cannonball Beer Growler 502





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