Couple Decides To Marry On Beach, But The Bride Is Left In Complete Shock Whe She Sees Her Groom Immediately Jumping In Water -

When this couple decided to get married on the beach, they never expected for something to go wrong. However, this bride was left in total shock when she saw her new husband jumping into the ocean moments after their ceremony. The reason why he did it was unimaginable.

20. Wedding Day


It was an amazing day for Coast Guard petty officer Zac Edwards and his new wife, Condy Edwards. They were holding their wedding ceremony on a beach in Alabama and were both greatly enjoying their day. However, neither of them expected what would happen next.

19. Taking Photos


The two of them were posing and standing for photos when Zac Edwards stripped out of his wedding attire and jumped right into the water. His wife was absolutely shocked and at first, everyone thought it was a joke. However, it was very serious…

18. Approached


As the couple was taking photos, a woman had come over to them and told them some pretty bad news. She explained to the couple that there was a man in the water and he was drowning. He wasn’t able to swim back to the shore.

17. Young Man

Image: Daily Mail

The woman that approached them began to get into hysterics as she saw 18-year-old Jamel Robinson struggling for his life. That’s when Edwards knew that he had to step in and help out the young man. Cindy looked at him and told him to do exactly what he was thinking of doing.

16. Listening

Image: Daily Mail

You have to listen to your wife, or you’re in trouble,” Zac told Good Morning America. “I wasn’t going to let him drown,” Zac explained. So that’s when Edwards got into action.

15. Undressing


Edwards immediately ripped off his wedding attire and ran into the water with a flotation device. But where were all of the other rescuers? Well, it seems that they were busy at the moment.

14. Red Flags

Image: Daily Mail

It seems that there were red flags all along the beach, warning people from jumping into the water. However, it seems that not everyone paid attention to them or noticed them because the other rescuers were busy saving another person’s life.

13. Frantic

Image: 98.7 The River

As Edwards approached the young man he could see that he was frantic and scared. “He kept saying,I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe,’” Edwards said. “My goal was to keep his head out of the water.”

12. Boogie Board

Image: Daily Mail

It seems that Jamel had been out on the water with his boogie board. However, the current was so strong that he had been knocked off it and then began to drown. So Edwards used Jamel’s boogie board to prop him up.

11. Growing Tired

Image: CBS News

Edwards then began to swim the both of them out to shore. He was almost there, however, the current was so strong that he grew incredibly tired. Cindy began to grow worried as she saw her husband struggling to get to the shore.

10. Lucky Break

Image: Khaleej Times

Suddenly, the pair got an incredibly lucky break. The lifeguards who were on duty pulled up to the men in a personal watercraft. They then helped out Edwards and the teenager by bringing them back to shore.

9. Emergency Medical Services

Image: Fox News

Soon enough, emergency medical services showed up to make sure that everyone was doing OK. The story soon received a ton of traction as everyone was so grateful to Edwards for jumping into the water and saving the young man. However, Edwards just thinks it was the right thing to do.

8. Jumping In

Image: WGN-TV

I jumped in one day; they jump in every day,” he said. “I didn’t think that the day that changed my family’s life for the better would change another family’s life for the better too.”

7. Panic

Image: Daily Mail

The current was really strong and it was stopping us coming in any further.. I was starting to panic slightly. The pants were making it hard to kick too. But when I saw the first responders I knew it was going to be okay. A jet ski came out to us and I managed to wedge him up onto it,” Edwards explained.

6. A Big Deal

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I didn’t really take in the gravity of the situation until I laid down that night. Afterwards my hands were shaking but the adrenaline was just pumping,” he explained. Edwards also explained that the whole time all he could think about was his wife.

5. His Wife

Image: WGNO

It beat us up pretty hard getting in and we pulled up on the beach everybody grabs him. I got up and she’s running out in her wedding dress. I’m bleeding from the nose and trying to tell her get away because I know how important that dress was and I didn’t want to ruin that,” Edwards said.

4. Incredibly Grateful

Image: Daily Mail

As for the young man, he’s incredibly grateful to Edwards for jumping in and saving his life. “I really appreciate that,” Jamal said of Edward’s bravery. Zac also emphasized that people often underestimate just how strong ocean currents can get.

3. Strong Currents

Image: Wedding News

I think people underestimate the ocean. It wasn’t his fault at all but it was a red flag day. People don’t read the signs and swimmers need to be very cautious. Even experienced swimmers can get into difficulty,” Edwards explained.

2. Staying Safe

Image: WGNO

I would just like to stress the importance of water safety. In our community 120 people have had to be pulled out of the water in the last few days. Our beaches are family friendly and have multiple first responders to keep people safe. They do such a wonderful job but it’s up to us to be water safe too,” Cindy added.

1. True Hero

Image: In-Tic Web

Edwards truly is the definition of a hero. Thanks to his bravery he was able to rescue the life of a young teenage boy. Even though it was his wedding day, that didn’t stop this wonderful man from stepping in and helping out.