Deaf Shelter Dog Who Cried When Her Best Friend Left Is Finally Getting Her Happy Ending -

The life of a shelter dog isn’t easy. It’s tough for a dog to be in such a stressful environment and it can get pretty lonely. That’s why when two dogs at a shelter happen to share a bond it can be one of the best experiences for both of them. This deaf shelter dog became best friends with one dog until one day her friend got adopted! She was horribly upset, but then an amazing thing happened.

20. Marshmallow

Image: Deaf Dogs Rock

Marshmallow is an adorable deaf one-year-old Pitbull. She currently lives at the Unleashed Pet Rescue in Mission, Kansas. Despite how great the staff is to her, Marshmallow has been sad…

19. Finding A Home

Image: Deaf Dogs Rock

It’s been a tough time for Marshmallow for a few reasons. One big reason is that, despite being up for adoption, Marshmallow has been having a hard time finding a home. This has left her feeling pretty gloom.

18. Comfort

Image: BarkPost

During this hard period in her life, Marshmallow was able to confide in one dog, her best friend and roommate, Scooby. Scooby and Marshmallow were attached at the hip and the pair brought out happiness in one another.

17. Best Buddies

Image: WittyFeed

Scooby and Marshmallow are best buddies and it is apparent in the way they choose to spend their time. The two lived together, played together, and would do just about everything together. However, one day everything changed…

16. Changes

Image: BarkPost

Everything was going great until one day the biggest change occurred that broke Marshmallow’s heart. Scooby was finally adopted and going to live in his new forever home. Marshmallow was very sad to have him leave her.

15. The Family

Image: Deaf Dogs Rock

Scooby was adopted by a wonderful family and he’ll be in great care. The family was aware of the strong friendship shared between the two dogs, but unfortunately they were unable to adopt Marshmallow as well.

14. Super Upset

Image: UrDogs

Marshmallow just couldn’t understand where her best friend had gone and why he was no longer with her. Her reaction was devastating and the shelter was so upset to see her so sad.

13. A Video

Image: YouTube

The shelter recently uploaded a video of Marshmallow as she showed how much she cares about Scooby. The video was incredibly emotional and garnered a ton of responses from people on the Internet. So what was in the video?

12. Dog Tears

Image: YouTube

Unleashed Pet Rescue shared a video of Marshmallow in the most upset phase ever. In the video, Marshmallow was cuddled up with her favorite toy. Then you can see tears falling down Marshmallow’s face…

11. Emotional

Image: Deaf Dogs Rock

The video posted by the animal rescue got a ton of attention. It instantly went viral because of how upsetting it was to see Marshmallow cry over her best friend. Many people began to show a ton of interest in adopting Marshmallow.

10. Rough Start

Image: BarkPost

Marshmallow’s life didn’t start off easy. She was rescued as a puppy from her previous owner that kept her chained up in the garden. She was being neglected and not cared for…

9. Sweet Personality

Image: BarkPost

Even though Marshmallow was neglected in her early life, she has not let it affect her personality. She is a very friendly and sweet dog, however, it does take her some time to warm up to new people.

8. Cuddly

Image: BarkPost

Marshmallow is also a super cuddly and loving dog! She loves being around people as they make her happy. After hearing all these amazing things about Marshmallow, one family finally stepped up to help.

7. New Family

Image: BarkPost

The family that decided to adopt Marshmallow heard about her story after seeing her crying over Scooby. They knew that they couldn’t let this poor dog be without a home for any longer.

6. Dream Come True

Image: 3MillionDogs

After Scooby was adopted all Marshmallow could think about was finding her own home where she would be loved. Finally, two days after Christmas, her dream was coming true and boy was she happy.

5. Ecstatic

Image: Facebook

Once Marshmallow found out that she was being adopted she was all smiles. She couldn’t contain herself and it was obviously written all over her face. Her new family was just as excited as well.

4. No Adjustment

Image: Facebook

Marshmallow was so happy in fact that she didn’t even have an adjustment period. She was in love with her new mama right away. She’s also gotten way more than a mama too in her new family.

3. Family Members

Image: Deaf Dogs Rock

Marshmallow has managed to gain not only a new mama but also a bunch of siblings. The siblings are both human and furry! She’s going to be a part of a full house.

2. No More Tears

Image: Facebook

Thanks to her new adoptive family, Marshmallow won’t be shedding anymore tears. It’ll be all smiles from this point on and Marshmallow is so happy. She left the shelter with the biggest smile.

1. Happy Life

Image: Facebook

Marshmallow’s daily life includes hanging out with her new cat sister, Kizzy and her new human brother. She is always smiling and her life has never been better!