How To Drink Whiskey - Meet Richard Paterson

Think you know how to drink whiskey the right way? Well you’re about to learn.

So you thought you knew how to drink your whiskey? Well guess what, you’re doing it wrong….  Meet Master Distiller Richard Paterson, who works for Whyte and Mackay of Glasgow, Scotland. Richard here is going to show you How To Drink Whiskey. Prefer beer? Then check out the ManCan, you’ll be happy you did.

Yes the video works, click it.

Ice? No Ice? Water? More whisky? Coke? Lemonade? How do you drink your whisky? It’s caused pub arguments for centuries and here’s Whyte & Mackay Master Blender Richard Paterson to show you How To Drink Whiskey and why ice is a bad idea and that water is OK – and why you should dip your finger in the water jug.

How To Drink Scotch

Master Distiller Richard Paterson of The Dalmore shows TIME’s Josh Sanburn the real way to drink scotch.


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