This Beastly Electromagnetic Railgun Fires Rounds At Mach 7+

This Beastly Electromagnetic Railgun Fires Rounds At Mach 7+

This electromagnetic railgun is being developed by General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) for the Department Of Defense. This electromagnetic railgun fires off rounds anywhere from Mach 6 to over Mach 7. A round fired from sea level can hit the horizon in about 6-7 seconds. If you want to read more about this monster check out their website. After this check out this taser that is fired from a shotgun. Be sure to follow Man Stuff on Google+.

This Beastly Electromagnetic Railgun That Fires Rounds At Mach 7+ pictures

“Railguns deliver muzzle velocities up to twice those of conventional guns, resulting in shorter time to target and higher lethality at greater range with no propellant required onboard the platform. Railguns offer much deeper magazines and lower cost per engagement compared with missiles of comparable range.

Shorter time to the target and extended range – Railguns can  reliably launch projectiles to muzzle velocities of Mach 6-7+.  A round fired at sea level can reach the horizon in 6 to 7 seconds and still be traveling faster than a conventional gun‑launched munition at its muzzle.

Lethality without high explosives – Hypervelocity impact achieves high lethality through kinetic energy, eliminating the safety and logistic burdens of explosives.

Multi-mission capability – Railgun weapon systems employ guided, maneuverable projectiles which can accomplish multiple missions with the same round. Railguns can also fire a family of different projectiles with varying capabilities, levels of sophistication, and cost.

Elimination of propellant – Because rounds are launched electromagnetically, propellant is not required.  This results in much smaller rounds, enabling many more stowed rounds in a constrained volume as well as improved safety and reduced logistics burden.

Lower cost –  The confluence of microelectronics, nanotechnologies, and electromagnetic acceleration enable missile performance without rocket motors.  Railgun-launched guided projectiles are expected to be much lower cost than current assets for integrated air and missile defense.

Higher fire power – With deep magazines and high, sustained firing rates, railguns provide unprecedented fire power.

Reduced Asymmetry – The lower cost and higher fire power of railguns levels the playing field with potential adversaries.”

Via – General Atomics

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