This man had a package theif problem, so he used an exploding “Bait Box” full of poop to get revenge.

So YouTuber Tom Mabe was having issues with some turd always stealing his packages. What does he do? He builds a bait box – an exploding box full of poop –  and leaves it out side with hidden cameras setup to catch the local package thief. Little did the thief know that as soon as he takes off with said bait box, the box explodes and covers him with poo.

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  • Gator

    Publish the full face shot of the perp, why blur it?

  • Kimchi Ninja

    HA! Fantastic, I would like to give some of these boxes to the incompetent UPS guys too.

  • marssnw

    I just want to know how to make one of these packages myself. Im having the same problem and I believe it is my neighbors.

  • Richard Freeman


  • AAA

    might get in trouble yourself

  • William Hinson


  • DL Thomas

    Hehehe!!! I love it when a plan comes together….couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy…lol

  • Stuart McHardy

    With video evidence, the car identified, and fingerprints on the box left to litter another’s yard, was this guy caught and prosecuted? (I assume these looters sell this stuff on Ebay or such? Curious….)

  • Todd Witte

    Details how to make it

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