FN M249S - Finally, A Civilian Version Of The Popular M249

Now even civilians can own their own M249 with the FN M249S.

Like the toenails of a brawny woman, the FN M249s is an explosive solution to all your manly problems. Be it hunting, an outdoor altercation against couple of bears in the woods, or plain old revenge that you’ve been plotting for a long time, this Semi Auto is the literal representation of ‘shoot first, and ask questions later.’

First Impression:

Being one of FNs most recent semi-automatics to hit the market, the M249s incorporates a lot of changes that account for improved handling, less recoil and long range. The very first thing that will go unnoticed is the trigger; it is light and highly responsive to the finger. There is also an additional cross bolt trigger safety mechanism to help avoid any serious accidents or friendly fires.

As far as the visuals go, the M249s gives a serious “strictly business” impression. I guess the credit goes to advanced military style looks. The company had to overcome a few obstacles to maintain the civilian license standard because of the military theme. For instance, to make it civilian legal, the engineering process was a bit different which caused for an increase in price.

In normal circumstances, military issued Auto rifles cost a little over $5,000, but the M249s costs around $8,000, just for the main reason that they had to engineer it differently to make it legal for civilian use. A lot of people have raised concerns about the increase in price. The main shift from changing it to a semi auto, instead of an auto rifle, does not account for a whopping $3000 extra, but you’re going to have to ask the company.

What we do know is that the gun is meant to help you across the whole nine yards. The smooth trigger pull helps to release almost 200 rounds in succession. This is the closest it gets to highest standard semi auto rifles, because most of them don’t have such high fire rate.

Take a look at the FN M249s specs below:

  • Orientation/ Action – Semi Auto
  • Chamber – NATO 5.56
  • Weight (*Empty) – 17 – 18 Lbs.
  • Stock – Company Fitted
  • Ammunition Capacity – Belt Fed and Magazine Fed
  • Barrel – 20.5 Inch
  • Retail Price – $8,000

The FN M249s has a nice visually aesthetic vibe to it. I have seen a lot of powerful guns in my time, but they look ugly since the manufacturers mostly focus on the carnage factor. However, this sick puppy has a great face value and well planned layout to go alongside the overall theme. In terms of add-on equipment, there is not a lot to go for. You can easily replace the optics by spending an extra couple of hundred bucks on something more regal to your taste.

Last but not the least, FN has also released a limited edition of this rifle. It takes the price up by another $2,000 though. This edition comes with a couple of accessories, customized laser etched tags, spare assembly, and a hard case. Whatever your reasons may be for buying this weapon, God help those who stand in your way!

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