This Is What Happens When You Stick Your GoPro Into A Rattlesnake Den

If you have ever wondered what you would see if you stuck a GoPro inside a rattlesnake den, you’re about to find out.

Michael Delaney was out and about in Winnett, Montana when he came across a den of rattlesnakes. What does Michael do – he gets out his GoPro to film it. Well we all know rattlesnakes dont much like having cameras stuck in their face, so at 2:02 you will see what rattlesnakes do when you stick a GoPro in their face. After this check out this giant rattlesnake that was caught in Arkansas.

Talk about a close encounter! Michael Delaney recently took his GoPro into a den of rattlesnakes in Winnett, Montana and captured all of the slithering details. Delaney posted the video on his Facebook page commenting that ” [a] Snake strikes GoPro and knocks it into the pit of snakes, I used a hockey stick to fish it out.” If you want to get straight to the camera strike, jump to the 2:02 mark. Watch all the action, if you dare. Via – Rare

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