Great GoPro Footage Of A Guy Removing An Ash Tree

Ever see someone working in a tree and wondered what the world looks like from up there? Well this GoPro Footage of a guy removing an Ash tree that’s 150 feet in the air should give you a pretty good idea.

So lumberjack Fruitarian Climber needed to get rid of a 150 foot tall Ash tree that was damaged and had a rotting base. So what does he do? He straps on a GoPro, climbs up this old tree about 150 feet, and makes this great video. He claims this was his largest tree removal and that he had a blast doing this. Then again, who wouldn’t. Unless you’re scared of heights of course. If you’re into POV and GoPro videos check out this video a Firefighter made.

My first YouTube video, cutting down of a 50 meter mountain Ash tree. These trees had been damaged by another fallen tree and also had decay at the base. being so close to a house unfortunately they had to be removed. This is the largest tree I’ve ever removed and it was great fun.”

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