Got Coyotes? Get Some Greyhounds – Greyhounds Run Down A Coyote


Got A Coyotes Problem? Get Some Greyhounds.

Most farmers can attest to the fact that coyotes are a pretty serious problem. Coyotes attacking and killing young cattle costs farmers tons and tons of money each year. Hunting coyotes with greyhounds is a technique hunters have been using for generations, and quite successfully actually. Most of these dogs that are used for this are not full blooded greyhounds, many of these hounds are mixes of wolfhounds, bloodhounds and airedales. This video shows a few greyhounds chasing down and getting a coyote. Look where this was filmed – right in the middle of a bunch of livestock. After this check out this guy carrying his deer to get processed.

John Hardzog uses trained greyhounds to hunt coyotes, a common pest for farmers. It’s a practice that goes back generations, but is also opposed by some animal rights groups.

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  • WT5

    Awful. The dogs get torn up. When they are too hurt, maimed or useless, they are shot. The farmer gets a coyote bounty as well. Neat sport John in your truck with your gun. The coyotes would be better off shot.

  • Paula

    It’s too bad this article doesn’t show what happens to the greyhounds/mixes once they are no longer useful to the hunters. I am a volunteer with a greyhound rescue group and the group has taken in dozens of these poor dogs. They come in with ripped skin, broken bones and are wary of people. The hunters who use these dogs for hunting don’t give a crap about the welfare of the dogs….they just use them and discard them.

  • Rebecca

    This is just bit disgusting. I understand there is a huge problem but don’t cheer on the savage ripping apart of an animal who can feel it’s self being torn apart. Shooting is more humane.

  • Domitian Spinu

    They get shredded like a rag by the dogs. It’s cruel.

  • Chip Revels

    Do they kill them or just catch and hold ?

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