Helium Infused Beer Anyone? This Would Be Great.

What’s better than beer? Helium infused beer. That’s what.

So both Samuel Adams and Berkshire Brewing Company, two very reputable and delicious beer breweries have recently developed a new line of beers that they have infused with helium. You can probably figure out what happens when you drink some of this helium infused beer. After this check out this new-ish protein beer.

Be prepared for an uplifting experience! Berkshire’s new Helium IPA boldly goes where no beer has gone before, introducing our ground breaking “Heliumization” technique to the world. Helium may be one of the simplest atoms but tying it down in a beer was a quantum leap for brewing. Let Berkshire Brewing’s new Helium IPA take you higher!

Samuel Adams HeliYUM Beer. A new beer infused with Helium.

And before all of you little internet trolls start going crazy Рyes I know, this is not real.

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