Homemade Giant Railgun Shooting At 27,000 Joules

DIY Giant Railgun Shooting At 27,000 Joules

It took this guy two years to build his giant railgun. Lots of technical mumbo jumbo here that I don’t really feel much like getting into, if you want to read more check out his post HERE.


“A railgun is a device that accelerates a conductive projectile using extremely high current and electromagnetism. No explosive powder required. Just batteries.”


Backyard RAILGUN: Field Testing the 250 lb Electric Gun, 27,000 Joule (max) – Video

“The newly built railgun is field tested at 20,500 joules. It is the first mobile, shoulder mounted railgun. *****DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME*****
Notes: A railgun uses current to generate extreme magnetic fields that propel a conductive projectile to high speeds (iron is a poor conductor and therefore unsuitable). Aluminum has been the universal projectile choice for its low melting point, high boiling point, low mass, and high conductance. This was a fairly successful test- the clamps blew off 15 milliseconds AFTER the projectile had left the device. Further advances in the projectile design will allow more energy to be transmitted to the projectile. The kinetic energy is solely derived from electromagnetism-the CO2 is not great enough to overcome the friction of the rails! It is meant as a means of preventing intense heat and spot welding/rail erosion. There are 56 x 480 joule capacitors making up the power supply for a total weight of 200 lbs and 27,000 joules at 400 volts (20,500 at 350v). The railgun itself weights 50lbs. We did not get a velocity reading or even find the projectile. The flash of sparks is to be expected- a good railgun projectile glides along and melts- reducing friction- like butter on a hot pan.”



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