Guy Finds His House Plumbed With Beer Prank

Ok moment of truth, boys. If you came home to find all your house plumbed with beer instead of water would you be pissed or elated?

I don’t know if this is the best prank ever or just a really nice gesture by a gang of fantastic friends. Whatever it is this is ingenious. You know something is brilliant when after just hearing about it you think, “Man, I wish I’d thought of that!”

I’m a little tired of seeing prank videos where people are genuinely hurt either physically or emotionally. Don’t get me wrong those pranks have their place too but this one…this house plumbed with beer one is just on another level. Like the man’s version of Extreme Home Makeover.

Guy Finds His House Plumbed With Beer Prank Video

[youtube id=”HG_wfMK7dko” width=”100%” height=”340″ position=””]

The task wasn’t easy. It involved what looked like a group of about 12 guys crawling into…well a crawl space and rigging several kegs of beer directly into the plumbing, while the unsuspecting prankee was away. Once it was set up they tested it and sure enough every faucet and hose in the house produced cold beer. Every man’s “wet” dream.

After setting up cameras they sit back to watch what happens. Wait until the end to see what the guy’s reaction is. Also I wonder if anybody else was questioning whether or not the guy’s wife was going to fill the dog’s water bowl with beer before noticing it wasn’t water.

The drunk dog would have to be the sequel to this video.



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