Life Hacks For Bachelors

Enjoy These Life Hacks For Bachelors. I know I will.


1. When eating Chinese take out, cut the box open to turn it into a plate.

life hacks  take out food

2. Tear a case of soda in half to make it fit in your refrigerator.

life hacks soda in fridge

3. No screwdriver, no problem.

life hacks screwdriver

4. And this Pizza Box trick is just amazing.

life hacks  pizza box hack

5. If your sneakers are getting a bit smelly, stick them in a Ziploc bag and throw them in the freezer.

life hacks  freeze shoes

6. Flip that Hoodie around for the perfect popcorn holder.

life hacks  eat popcorn

7. Replace the pepper in your grinder with Doritos.

life hacks  doritos grinder

8.  Use some Solo cups to help amplify your computer speakers.

life hacks  computer speakers

9. Use Chop-Sticks when eating Cheetos to keep your fingers nice and clean.

life hacks chop sticks for cheetos

10. Use a spaghetti strainer to strain out all of the little cereal crumbs.

life hacks  cereal strainer

11. Use a carabiner  to carry all of your groceries in at once.

life hacks  carry groceries

12. Use your Mac plugin as a Bottle Opener.

life hacks  bottle opener

13. Use a Binder Clip to keep your Beers stacked nicely.

life hacks  beer stack

14. Place a stick of Deodorant near your air vents to keep your rooms smelling lovely.

life hacks  air freshener

15. If you are out of AA Batteries, use some AAA with a bit of foil.

life hacks  aaa batteries

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