The ManCan is a great and semi-new personal beer keg system.

The ManCan is what you get when you cross a keg with a growler, and want your beer to stay fresh – for a LONG time. And FINALLY this amazing creation has hit the market. Get One HERE

Get One HERE

Get One HERE

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A ManCan is a personal-sized, keg-style growler that fits in your fridge, travels anywhere, and will keep your beer brewery-fresh for the life of the beer. Like a keg, it is stainless steel and can be pressurized with one of our tap systems. Like a growler, you take it with you to share great craft beer or other beverages (or keep it all to yourself). But remember: It’s not a keg. It’s not a growler. It’s a MANCAN!


These bad boys will keep your beer fresh and tasty till you’re ready for a refill! No kidding. Basically, we want to say your beer will last forever, but that experiment’s end date is inherently flawed. Still, you get the idea.

Unopened, the ManCan will never lose carbonation! ManCans do not leach air or CO2, thanks to the stainless steel casing, and threaded fitting and gasket seal on the Flat Top Caps that come with every unit. Breweries who tested the ManCan for us found that even after 30 days the beer had not lost any CO2, nor had any other changes to the characteristics of the beer (IBUs, flavor, color, alcohol, etc.). If it takes you longer than 30 days to finish a ManCan we’ve got your back and it’ll last—but you owe an apology to your local brewery.

Beyond the Flat Top Cap, you can add a ManCan pressurized CO2 system with either our Machismo Tap or Flex Tap—both come with a Perfect Pour Regulator that automatically provides the CO2 at the optimum level. These complete tap systems allow you to pour beer at your leisure without compromising the beer’s integrity and, at the same time, maintain its full shelf life.

Get One HERE

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Get One HERE

  • Grover Morgan

    pair up with Rocky Mountain and it will stay cold

    all day.

  • Rahne Maxwell

    watch out for shipping delays

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