Monster Tuna Caught On Camera - Is It Actually 18 Feet Long?

Check out this monster tuna/possible world record caught on camera in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Yes. This video is old. I got it. But anyways. This monster┬átuna was spotted swimming around by a ROV down in the Gulf Of Mexico. Just for a size reference, the riser in the background is about 4 feet wide. Is this a world record tuna? Who knows. Is this a huge monster of a tuna? Yes. There is a ton of controversy around the internet regarding this tuna’s actual size and species, and I’m not going to sit here and try and figure it out. I guess we will never know. After this check out this world record – caught while ice fishing perch.

The Rov was doing a deepwater riser inspection on a deepwater drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico and came across… a rather large Tuna!!!


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