Pulling Out A Big Fish Hook

Every now and then we come across a video that is guaranteed to make you squirm while watching. You know the kind where at the end of the video you find yourself half way off your chair practically on the floor. Well lucky for you here’s one of those videos. Watch as several fishermen gather around to pull a big effing fish hook out of a guy’s hand. He of course is downing a large bottle of Maker’s Mark, the only real anesthetic a guy needs. I got heart palpitations watching this thing.

Update – Sorry the video no longer exists. Ah well sorry folks.

Now the video cuts off at the 1:10 mark. I have a theory about what happens right after that. The fisherman, happy to have the hook out of his hand, smiles ear to ear until he spots the prick responsible for hooking him. The smile fades and he bum rushes the guy sending him overboard. A true hollywood ending.

One can only hope. I mean it’s doubtful the guy hooked himself. Then again that Maker’s Mark whiskey looks like someone had been downing it for a while so maybe they were playing a game called, “Who’s hand looks most like a fish.”

Alright grab your drink of choice and check out these guys pull a fish hook out of this poor schlub’s hand!

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