So the QB12 quad barrel shotgun is pretty much just a DP-12 shotgun with two Remington 870 shotguns mounted on it.

Why would anyone ever want a quad barrel shotgun – Because why WOULDN’T you want something this crazy? This creation, which was named the QB12, is what you get when you mount two Remington 870 shotguns onto a DP-12 double barreled shotgun. The QB12 shotgun craziness was put together by FullMag on Youtube. I posted about the DP-12 a while back, you can check that out HERE if you don;t know what the DP-12 is. After this check out the Taser XREP, a taser you shoot with your shotgun. Be sure to follow Man Stuff on Google+

What do you get if you mix a DP-12 and 2 Remington 870s? A quad barreled beast of course!!!!!

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