Rescue Dog Incredibly Saves A Pet Dog Who Gave Up On Life After Being Trapped Alone In Mud For Days -

It’s not easy to name name someone a hero but in the case of Tino, an arguably one of the best talented rescue dogs, it have never been easier. Tino had saved a large number of pups but this time, his skills were really put in a test. Let’s discover how Tino, a master of sniffing, successfully rescued a deaf missing pup, marking his most difficult mission to this time a complete success! Be sure to check out #11 & #10!

20. A Pregnant German Shepherd

Our story begins when a pregnant German Shepherd was found abandoned wandering in the Washington Woods. The pup, didn’t have a clue that she carried in her wound a pup that would soon become a hero to remember! Click next to see why!

19. They Rescued Her

It didn’t take long and finally someone noticed the lonely soon-to-be mother and decided to rescue her. The man who found her brought her to the Useless Bay Sanctuary in Seahurst, Washington. The sanctuary’s mission is, as they state in their Facebook page, “Helping stray dogs with no known owner, getting them to safety, attempting to find the owner, and finding a good home if the owner is not found.”

18. She Gave Birth

To everyone’s surprise the German Shepherd gave birth the following day! The puppy looked healthy yet tiny. As Jim, the owner and main manager of the sanctuary, said, “the puppy was the size of a burrito”. Jim and his team agreed to name the puppy Tino!

17. Tino

Tino made clear from the earliest stages of his life that he was in love with nature and with exploring the wilderness. He was quite a curious and energetic puppy. It was obvious that Tino was different.

16. Rescue Team

As Tino was growing up, his curiosity and love for exploration grew exponentially! Jim realized that he had to do something for it. Soon Tino found himself in a dog rescue team as Jim started to employ him on search and rescue missions. It was this time when Jim realized Tino’s hidden talent!

15. Talented Rescuer

Tino seemed to performing extremely well and it was crystal clear that he was born to be a rescue dog! Almost every mission came into a success and Jim decided to train Tino further.

14. A Professional Rescuer

Soon Tino became a certified, professional rescue dog! There wasn’t a mission that Tino wasn’t involved and Jim, as well as other rescuers, always wanted to have Tino to accompany their missions! Soon Tino was called for the mission that surprised everyone!

13. The Mission

It was a calm day when Jim received a phone call that scared him for life. Karen James, a terrified owner of a 11-year-old Great Pyrenees reported that his pup was missing! What made the situation even more dreadful is that the missing pup was deaf!

12. Lost Him

Karen lost his puppy in the woods while he was horseback riding. Somehow he lost sight of him and when he realized that his pup was missing, it was already too late. Karen reported that something must had happened because his dog never lost its way before. It was time to employ Tino!

11. Tino In Action

Fortunately, Karen was petting his pup before their stroll so his clothes had the missing puppy’s scent. Tino got a good sniff and it seemed that he immediately knew where the puppy was!

10. Tino Sprinted

Tino didn’t lose a second and he sprinted as fast as he could with only the scent of the missing pup guiding him. Because the missing Great Pyrenees was deaf, Tino was literally the only one who had a chance to find him before it was late! At this point Jim and Karen where running behind Tino.

9. He Found Him

Moments later, Tino started barking loudly. He had found him! Jim and Karen followed the sound of Tino’s barks only to find out that the missing pup was trapped in deep mud. The poor pup was trapped and he was unable to bark for help.

8. Pulling Him Out

A Great Pyrenees can be extremely heavy and indeed that was the case for the missing pup. The next most difficult part of the operation was to pull him out. The mud was thick but thankfully Karen And Jim used a couple of ropes to help the pup come out of the mud, safe and sound!

7. Hero

After hours, alone and terrified, the Great Pyrenees pup was finally free! It was all thanks to Tino, who was extremely happy to have completed successfully such a difficult mission! He had the biggest smile of his life!

6. Found Him On Time

Thankfully Tino found the pup on time. It was an elderly dog and he couldn’t stay in the mud any longer. Even after they released him, the poor pup couldn’t walk from the shock of this ordeal.

5. Safe And Sound

What seemed impossible, it was a reality! Tino managed to save the deaf pup on time where no one wouldn’t never think to search. He saved his life!

4. Exhausted But Relieved

The pup was put in a little trailer and Karen gave him a ride back in safety! The pup was looking weak and exhausted but totally relieved and thankful.

3. Local Interview

The same day, after making sure that her pup was well, Karen had a Skype interview with a local news station where she praised Tino and Jim. Tino started to get famous!

2. Tino Saved The Day

If it wasn’t for Tino, who knows what could have happened. Being deaf and lost in the vast woods isn’t the best thing that can happen. Thankfully, super intelligent and super talented Tino was there!

1. His Most Difficult Mission

Tino had completed his most difficult mission successfully! We’re sure that he’ll continue developing his talent and skills, saving more lives. A true hero!