Tactical G-Code’s has made his most destructive round to date, the round nose brass pellets shotgun slug.

Tim aka TACTICAL G-CODE, who is most popular for his Bomber and Juicer slugs is back yet again with his newest and most destructive slugs yet. Meet the round nose brass pellets shotgun slug. Enjoy. You can check out Tim’s Bomber slugs HERE and his Juicer slugs HERE. Be sure to follow Man Stuff on Google+.

I think my round nose brass pellets are the most powerful rounds I have made yet. if you really need to put something down these, will do the trick. however for home defense over penetration may be an issue. I will have to follow this video up with some longer range stabilisation and accuracy testing. I have a correction to make the golf balls cannon was made from a Mossberg. the normal bolt action shotgun I use is a Marlin. I misspoke in the video.

  • Darrell

    p.s. They were shot at point-blank range too (I think it was like about 3-4 ft).

  • Darrell

    A bad day shooting guns would beat a good day at work, anyday! Cool video…I have an idea of a new target for ya: Water balloons! I watched a video one time a guy shot a .44mag into a stringer of 10, hung and separated by about 2-3 inches between balloons. How many did the .44 bust? …not many! only 4, so how many would that round break? And how many would it take to stop it, if it makes it all the way past 10.

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