Texterator - The World's First Text Enabled Kegerator Gets You A Beer When You Text It

Texterator – Want a beer but your kegerator is too far to walk? Just txt the Texterator and it will bring you one.

Meet the Texterator. This bad boy of a machine fills your cup with beer and laser-etches the last four numbers of your phone number onto the red solo cup. If this isn’t one of the greatest inventions ever then I don’t know what is. After this check out the ManCan, your personal keg system. Be sure to follow Man Stuff on Google+

Texterator - The World's First Text Enabled Kegerator Gets You A Beer When You Text It featured

There’s a new bartender in Seattle, and she wants your phone number. In fact, it’s the only way she’ll serve you a beer. Her name is Texterator, and she’s the world’s first text-enabled kegerator.

We’ve already seen robots that get you a beer and coffee machines that start brewing when you text. Now, those two glorious ideas are coming together with the Texterator, a machine that gets you a beer when you text it. Maybe the days of struggling to get the bartender’s attention are finally behind us.

Zipwhip’s Texterator, a fun side project for the texting technology company, debuted last week at the GeekWire 5th Anniversary Bash — pouring beers for attendees who didn’t want to wait for the lines at the bar. Attendees could text “Beer” to a special number to claim their spot in line. Then, the robot would text back letting them know when the beer was being poured so they could head over and pick it up.

But how do you know which beer is yours? That’s where the laser comes in, of course. After pouring, the robot laser-etches the last four digits of your phone number into the red Solo cup. Want a second beer? Texterator lets you know if you’re drinking too fast or have had too many with its smart relies.

Via – Geek Wire

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