Meet The Tromix Siamese M16 - You've Never Seen This One Before

I’m pretty sure that the Tromix Siamese M16 will leave you thinking “WTF”.

So here we have the Tromix Siamese M16. This creation was built a while back by Tromix Lead Delivery Systems. If you’re into all these double barreled weapons check out the Gilboa Snake and a double barrel 1911.

The latest and most insane creation by Tromix is this Siamese 223 for LAW Enforcement only,”“The synergistic exchange of gas tubes forces the expanding gasses from the lower rifle to the top rifle allowing it to cycle a cartridge into the top breach [sic] then fire when the bolt is closed. The gas from the top rifle is then sent back down to the lower rifle where the first empty round gets ejected and a new cartridge is loaded into the breach.  It is a wicked wild ride when fired FULL AUTO. Via – Tromix

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