You Won't Believe What This Shelter Worker Found in Two Cardboard Boxes -

No Laughing Matter

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It’s a sad truth, but thousands of animals across the country are dumped off at animal shelters on a daily basis. Whether it’s due to a move or a change in lifestyle, dogs and cats usually end up getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their families. And believe us when we say, shelters have seen and heard every excuse in the book.

Something Wrong

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For one shelter worker, she immediately knew something was wrong when she arrived for her shift. At the front door were two large cardboard boxes and she immediately was filled with dread. What could be inside?

Project Purr to the Rescue

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Located in Mobile, Alabama, Project Purr Animal Rescue was no stranger to cats being abandoned at their doorstep. Working as a non-profit organization that rescues homeless cats and kittens, they make sure to give these poor castaways a second chance at life.

An Open Place to Play

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Unlike most shelters where the animals are locked away in cramped cages and pens, at Project Purr the feline friends have open areas to play and move around in. According to the shelter, they can house up to 100 cats at a time and believe their freedom approach is the best way to maintain socialization for the cats.

The Kindness of Margie Morris

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Margie Morris had been a long-term volunteer for Project Purr and in her six years there she had seen almost everything when it came to animal condition and abandonment. However, the morning she arrived to work in July 2017, what she saw stopped her dead in her tracks.

A Box Full of Surprises

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Quietly, Margie snuck up to the box and opened it gently; not wanting to disturb whatever may be inside. Peering into the makeshift home, Margie found one adult female cat and two five-week old kittens. To say she was surprised would be an understatement.

An Unfortunate Escape

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Thankfully, the kitties seemed to be in good health. Shifting her attention to the second box, Margie nervously opened it, but found it to be empty. However, from the evidence inside, she believed another cat had been in there but somehow had managed to escape.

Settling into New Home

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Despite the shelter being at full capacity, they were able to find room for the three cats. Several days later, Margie’s suspicions about a fourth cat were confirmed when someone called in to report a stray wandering around the local strip mall. Knowing time was of the essence, Margie and three volunteers set out to rescue the cat.

Trying to Capture

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Margie stated in an interview, “She was getting up in the car engines and we couldn’t catch her. It was pouring down rain. We tried to bribe her with food, but we were just unsuccessful. We’re hoping that she’s still out there somewhere. We’ve been leaving food out, but we have not seen her.”

Nourishment and Love

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Meanwhile, back at the shelter, the mama cat and her two babies were settling into their new home. The volunteers named the mother Caroline and the kittens, Shiloh and Neil, while providing the proper nutrition to mama cat, so she could take care of her babies.

Quickly Regaining Strength

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Project Purr made sure to give mama Caroline extra vitamins and food to increase her strength. Thankfully, all three furry felines adapted well and began to regain their strength. According to Morris, it was wonderful to watch the little trio flourish and regain their happiness.

Another Litter?

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As time went on, Margie noticed something regarding Caroline—she was pregnant with another litter! Project Purr determined she must have gotten pregnant right after she delivered her current two kittens. After only spending four days at the shelter, Caroline delivered a litter of four precious baby kittens. Talk about a shock!

Something Seemed Off…

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However, Margie believed something was off about the situation and did some kitty math. It was then she determined that Caroline was NOT the mother of Shiloh and Neil, but a surrogate mother who had chosen to take care of them when they were abandoned.

Mother Who?

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The staff at Project Purr began to wonder if the Shiloh and Neil’s mother was the other cat that they had failed to catch. Unfortunately, there had been no more sightings of her. Thankfully, Caroline the Cat had become the perfect mother for the orphaned kittens.

Happily Furr-ever After

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Currently, Caroline is nursing her four newborns and Shiloh and Neil have been weaned, waiting for their forever homes. Soon, Caroline and her babies will be up for adoption. According to Margie, she is so thrilled that the cat chose to look after the babies and hopes they all find homes in the future.

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