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     ANYONE has the opportunity to be a writer for The Funny Beaver and have their post/posts featured on my website. 

  • Do you have Great Recipes and a passion for Cooking and Food?     WRITE ABOUT IT!
  • Love the outdoors?  Hunting,  Fishing,  Camping?      WE WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!
  • Love Arts And Crafts?      SHOW IT OFF!
  • Do you have a passion for DIY Projects and Life hacks?    SHOW IT OFF!
  • Do you have a ton of Funny Pictures that you want to let the world see?     SHARE THEM!
  • Are you a techie who is up-to-date on all of the latest cell phones, apps, etc.?   CAN YA LET US KNOW WHAT’S BEST?!

  • Did you witness some crazy thing go down at your local club or backyard BBQ?   VIDEO  AND SEND IT IN!

  • Are you adventurous?   Base-jumping? Skiing?   Snowboarding?   Parkour?   Sky-diving?   Rock climbing, Roller coasters? Hey crazyies … WRITE ABOUT IT!

  • Are you that person who goes to every local or nationwide concert, comedy show, festival, etc. just because you love entertainment?   SHARE IT!

  • Are you into Urban Legends and scary stuff?   Have you been down Devil’s Road, Crybaby Bridge or think you live in a haunted house?   PROVE IT by SHARING IT!

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