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Glock-Fishing Underwater For Lionfish – This Is How You Get Rid Of An Invasive Species

Lionfish are like the wild hogs of the ocean. They have no natural predators and are eating pretty much all of the bait fish wherever they decide to go. With that being said, if you’re going to get rid of an invasive species you might as well have fun with it. Like doing some underwater Glock-Fishing for example. Courtland Hunt on YouTube took a Glock, made some modifications to it, then went out to shoot some Lionfish in the face. There are some pretty sweet slow motion clips in this video as well. Enjoy. After this check out this spear fisherman who loses his mind when a Grouper keeps jacking his catch.

Shooting invasive Lionfish over 100ft underwater with customized Glock 9mm handgun in the Gulf of Mexico. The project started to see if we could shoot a gun underwater and it evolved into much more with the right people involved. Lionfish are an invasive species that need to be eradicated. All weapons modifications done under supervision of Airborne Arms Inc license holder “07-Manufacturer of Firearms other than Destructive Devices” with support of Lone Wolf Glock Parts.

Follow up to Glock Fishing Lionfish video. This is basically the best device that we created under the supervision of Airborne Arms to protect our ears from the violent pressure wave.

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