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Funny Trumps Looks? You Decide in These Pictures

Humans are visual creatures. We judge based on looks, we feel based on looks and for this reason we care a lot about how we look. Sometimes people adopt a look to be funny, recognizable and for branding. We’ve decided to deconstruct one of the most recognizable looks on the planet. Can you help us decide if funny trumps looks?

Funny Beaver Trumps Looks In This Picture?

How much wood would a woodchuck trump …

Dog With Donald Trump Hairdo Looks Funny Next To Trump

Who let the dogs out?
Trump Next To A Funny Animal That Looks Like Trump'S Hair

And the specimen sitting on that tropical leaf bears a striking resemblance to…

Look How Funny It Would Be If Trump Was In Back To The Future

Is this the 2020 we all envisioned?

Cornstalk Looks Just Like Donald'S Hair

It’s getting a bit corny I know…

A Gremlin Making A Funny Expression Looks A Lot Like Trumps Forced Smile

You ever get the feeling that there are some Gremlins in our political system?


Trumps Hairstyle Looks Funnily Like Troll Doll'S Hair

Looks like the Trolls have made a fashion comeback!


Comparison Of Donald Trump And Child'S Facial Expression

Hitting the political nail on the head.