17 Gingerbread House Hacks and Ideas -

Make gingerbread house lights out of almond M&ms and Mike and Ike candies

Have a roaring fire with spice drop candies and some pretzel sticks

Dip grape stems in chocolate and make realistic trees with the results

Create decorated Christmas trees with upside-down waffle cones

Add a smiling snowman made of marshmallows and other treats

Use peanut butter cups and make tiny decorative trees

Create a peppermint platter with your favorite mints or candy

Twist things up and make a log house out of pretzels

Or use nuts to create a delightful “house”

Here’s another no-bake “gingerbread” house tutorial you’ll love

Dogs have to have gingerbread houses too…here’s how you can decorate them

Learn how to make whimsical gingerbread creatures like snails out of candy

Even cookies can be gingerbread houses… try these stand-up versions

Kids too young for a complicated gingerbread house? Have them make small cookie houses – it’s just as fun and delicious

Put some snap, crackle and pop into your trees around a gingerbreadhouse by making Rice Krispy trees

Don’t forget some happy people for your gingerbread house setup — you can make them out of gumdrops

These adorable gumdrop penguins are too cute to not make