19 Clever DIY Easter Projects -

19 Clever DIY Easter Projects

Make an easy DIY Easter bunny garland

Turn ordinary empty jars into a cute DIY Easter bunny vase

Bunnies from the dollar tree become adorable DIY Easter candy jars


Turn random colorful buttons into an adorable DIY Easter piece of art

Adorable unicorn DIY easter eggs will thrill any fan of unicorns

Make this DIY easter egg pouch for candy and treats

DIY sock bunnies are fun Easter friends

How about a festive wreath? This DIY Easter egg wreath features rainbow eggs

Kids can easily make this DIY Easter chick yarn craft

These happy bunnies are actually made of paint chips!

DIY salt dough eggs will be fun to make and paint

Here’s another DIY Easter egg candy pouch, this one is a carrot

Throw some colorful Easter eggs into this DIY unicorn Easter basket

Even spoons can be used in a cute DIY Easter plant

Celebrate Easter by making these fun DIY Easter bath bombs as gifts

Tiny cactus peep out from these DIY Easter egg holders

Simple and full of texture, these colorful DIY Easter egg yarncatchers are great for kids